Food From Nature produces, imports, exports and distributes 100% natural and organic food products for your kitchen and larder, in both household and industrial/ bulk sizes:

  • Olive oil 4: We produce this rare and delicious olive oil on our own farm, from a variety of olives which grows in just 4 villages in the world, called fulla de salze or salceña, using organic cultivation methods. From 2017, all of our oil will be certified organic.

  • Ecoficus: Ecoficus specialises in organic fig-based products, e.g. fig bread, which are delicious in salads, as a complement to other dishes or on their own.

  • La Sabina: La Sabina specialises in organic saffron and saffron-based products, e.g. dark chocolate infused with saffron.

  • Biona: Biona offers a wide range of organic products. e.g. coconut products, vinegars, spreads and perseved fruits, among others.

  • Dragon Superfoods: Dragon Superfoods offers a wide range of organic (and some conventional) natural food products which are available branded, unbranded or with your own brand applied, e.g.:

    • Nuts & seeds

    • Dried fruit

    • Grains & pulses

    • Flours

    • Natural sweeteners

    • Superfoods, superfood mixes & protein powders

    • Condiments, e.g. spices and salt

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