Black Angus

Black Angus

We import fresh, high-quality, grass-fed US beef, including Nebraska and organic beef, and US bison (aka American buffalo) into the European Union for onward distribution to wholesalers, restaurants, supermarkets and other high-volume clients.  We offer a 90 to 100-day shelf-life on this produce.  

Our exclusive relationship with our key fresh beef supplier means that we have unique access to a range of high-quality produce.  

We are also able to import frozen meat, as well as traditional dried meat products, such as beef jerky and bison pemmican.

We take animal welfare and nutrition very seriously, both with the consumers' and the animals’ wellbeing in mind.  All the produce we import is fully traceable through its lifecycle.

Please contact us if you are a high-volume client or a large-scale distributor interested in buying meat produce from us.