Valeria Manevy Mar 2015.jpeg

Valeria Manevy - Graphic Designer

Valeria has worked for a variety of companies as Sector Logistics Manager, Sales Executive and Executive Administrator.  With broad experience both with SMEs and corporations, but in 2015 she realised that this was not her true passion. Determined and proactive as she is, she decided to follow her dream: to become a graphic designer.

She attended to various graphic design courses and she learned how to use design programs such as Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop; and to the day she is continuously perfectioning her skills. 

Nowadays she lives in The Netherlands.

Valeria, who studied Business Administration and Translation, is always seeking personal growth.  Valeria enjoys learning, traveling, creative writing, sketching and painting, or at least having a go at painting ;)

Valeria's working languages are Spanish and English, and she is learning Dutch.